Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Sawyer's First Day of Preschool

It took a long time to decide if Sawyer should attend preschool, but towards the end of the summer, we decided to give it a try. He goes to school at the end of our street, so we get to walk and I can see the playground from my kitchen. He attends Tuesday and Thursday mornings. He gets to take his Cars lunchbox and his teacher is Ms. Jen. He doesn't tell me all the details of his day, but he is all smiles when I pick him up. His first day he ran right over to the Rescue Heroes tower and didn't even look my way to say goodbye. I think he has adjusted better than me!

Fun in Arizona

Sawyer and I got to visit Arizona in August....Yes, August the most climate challenged month of the year. We weren't there for the weather, but to see our family which makes it all worth it!!! We found some great indoor activities and some outside ones too. We went roller skating, ice skating and to the Salt River. Sawyer got to swim a ton in Grams and Gramps' pool day and night! We went to my favorite ice cream parlor in Old Scottsdale-the Sugar Bowl. We also got to be a part of cousin Karis' third birthday party. This was a special treat as we usually miss all family birthdays.

I would say that our big highlight was attending the Diamondbacks game. It was Sawyer's first pro game and he loved everything. I love that the roof closes and there is AC!!! We did everything right...peanuts, cotton candy and giving the team our support in the gift shop!! After the game, the roof opened and there was a firework show. On our way home, we called Zach and sawyer said," when you build us a house, make the roof open so we can have a sparkler show!"

Even though our return to Redding was warm as well, it was great to be back with Zach!