Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Run Around Until You are all Pooped Out

This is quite funny to us and quite memorable. I'm not sure that Sawyer has ever just crashed like this. He has always been a bed sleeper and car sleeper. I've heard that kids do this when they get tired enough, but I have never seen it from him. As he gets closer to his next birthday, he has started to learn the art of the "argument". Many days he will say that he doesn't need a nap, and that he isn't tired at all. I guess this was a day we just said, ok, stay up. By 4:30 this was his condition. It looks like he was planning a little trip for himself and just didn't have the strength to finish packing,

Yes, that is the famous sucking of the thumb! He loves it! And there isn't much we can do about it when he is asleep. If you can see the time of my post, you will see that I wish I could suck my thumb and go back to sleep!

Since we are on the topic of sleep, I don't think I have ever appreciated my amazing ability to sleep at any time. This week I have been plagued with waking up at 3:00 and not going back to sleep. I have had the same concealer for 100 years and I think I've managed to use it up this week for the dark circles.