Monday, June 30, 2008

hanging out

We are enjoying our summer just "hanging out"! I thought I would share another sawyer quote so I don't forget

what is going on in his 4 year old brain. We were talking about the 4 seasons, since we have obviously switched over to summer. I had him repeat summer, fall, winter, and spring. After a minute went by, he said, "mom, there is also wabbit season!" I had to laugh and agree in some parts of the country wabbit season is probably a valid answer. The background of his wabbit knowledge comes from the bugs bunny cartoon on Zach's iphone that sawyer enjoys often.

I cherish most days with him, but since his 4th birthday, it is almost like he grew up a little overnight. He engages in more conversation and is putting pieces of information together like crazy. he told me one morning that he saw the heavens in his eyes. This is the know when you rub your eyes when you're tired and you can see different lights. He thought it looked like the moon and the stars which is the heavens in his mind! I absolutely love it! Now when I rub my eyes, I look forward to seeing the heavens too!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So You Think You Can Dance

Sawyer and his cousins break it down! They are too funny!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Yes, there is a bump!

13 weeks
I am in my second trimester now and doing great! Compared to my toenail avulsion, pregnancy is a piece of cake. Actually, my toe is no longer throbbing and I am so thankful to be healing. Sawyer and I got to hear the baby's heartbeat this week at 155bpm. We were both pretty excited and poor Zach will have to wait till next time!

Friday, June 20, 2008

Out of the Amazon

We are out of the amazon tonight! Sawyer and I attended Vacation Bible School this week and we both had a great time. He was in the red toucan class and I helped teach crafts. The curriculum and music was amazing. We learned about the 7C's of history..Creation, Corruption,Catastrophe,Confusion, Christ. The kids learned about creation and sin and the flood and most of all, our precious redeemer. They learned fun music. Sawyer's favorite was called, "I got DNA, I'm fearfully and wonderfully made!" It is pretty catchy.
I was most touched by watching one of our teachers share the gospel with some 5th grade boys. They were asking great questions and trying to figure out who Jesus is and that he is God. I'm not sure if this was the first time they heard the gospel, but it was an amazing blessing to see them eating it up and wanting to know more.
When you have been a church goer like myself for so many years, you can easily forget the main purpose behind programs and events. We tend to look at the numbers or the originality of the event and be stressed by the amount of time and effort it takes, but God uses all these experiences to reach those that don't know Him. I am convicted by my oversight in all this. I even complained about having to spend too much of my time helping. May this be a lesson to me for the future.
These boys are in my prayers and hope that one day they will be asked when they first heard about Jesus and they will get to say..I went to VBS when I was in 5th grade and a teacher loved me enough to share God's truth with me.

Monday, June 16, 2008

More Excitement

On Sunday, Zach's mom and Bruce joined us in Mt. Shasta and we decided to explore another lake..Castle lake. It was so beautiful and still had snow on the surrounding mountains. Zach was about to use his new fishing pole for the first time when the excitement started. Sawyer was about to fall into the lake and in my efforts to rescue him, I slipped on a rock and pulled most of my big toenail off. YOUCH! Yes I did cry! I was not that tough! We finally decided to find a walk in clinic in mt. Shasta which ended up to be the ER. How ridiculous is that? the Dr. decided to remove it since it was mostly removed on its own. 5 shots of anesthetic and off it came. So I begin the counting of time in which it will grow back!

So after the ordeal we grabbed lunch and some ice cream! I'll have to give Zach a makeup father's day!

We went to Lake Siskyou in Mt. Shasta this past weekend for father's day. We had fun fishing at the hatchery. It was kid's day and they were allowed to catch 2 fish. Sawyer and his friend Kevin were pretty excited about their special worm bags...yuck! Sawyer and Zach went swimming in the lake, but it was way too cold for me! I'm such the mom wimp! Sawyer does take after me in the fact that he can swim for 5 minutes and then has to get out because he is freezing! His lips
will actually turn blue!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Whiskeytown Falls

We went on a 3 mile hike to the falls last Saturday with some friends. We had 4 kids under 5 and they all did great! Zach bribed them with candy and it seemed to work for all, even me!

"To Infinity and Beyond"

Yeah! Sawyer is officially 4 and hopefully I don't have to hear him ask when his birthday is going to be for at least a few days. We started the morning early...5:30(not our choice) He opened some presents and then we met Zach at IHOP for breakfast...chocolate, chocolate chip pancake with a side of fruit of course. Then we ran birthday errands, had a birthday nap, made the birthday cake and then went to the park for the birthday party.

Sawyer was especially excited and somewhat hiper. I guess I understand it is the biggest day of your life and the chocolate pancake probably didn't help either! He has had a great morning playing with all his new things, he really does love everything, from his new books, fruit snacks to his skateboard and new buzz lightyear costume. Yesterday was a present frenzy, so today he is asking me who got him what.
We praise God for our amazing little guy! He truly lights up our day. He is full of kindness and energy. He loves his friends and family and talks about them all the time. He says funny things and does funnier things. As I sit here writing I'm being shot in the head with his nerf ball gun. Who got him that? Oh yeah, me

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Look How Big I Am"

I will put pictures up later, but I wanted to write 2 things before I forget. Sawyer is 4 years old today and has been making us laugh with some of the things he comes up with. If anyone has talked to him lately, you will know "how big he is". He tells us regularly how his legs have grown and who he is bigger than. I guess this is important! Maybe as important as his "new super powers" that he has discovered recently. Last night we were playing a rhyming game in the car. One of us picks a word and the other person has to find a rhyming word. On zach's turn he said, what rhymes with far. sawyer quickly says, "ted" We looked at each other in confusion and realized he was completing the word,"farted". Too funny!

Earlier this week, he asked me how God got his hand in my mouth to get the baby in my tummy. I can follow this thought process as he still thinks I ate the baby.

I can't believe he is 4 today. We have a full day planned and will write later!