Friday, August 28, 2009

He is Ready!

Last night Zach and I had the first time experience of Back to School night. As we sat in those little chairs(not great with a jean skirt), I was a little sad and excited for Sawyer. He now enters the world where one of us isn't there to protect and observe and guide him all day. We now have to entrust him 6 hours a day, 5 days a week, to the care of others. He will now have homework and be accountable to school rules and consequences. He may get his feelings hurt by other kids. He may not be comforted the way he is accustomed. He will have new experiences that we won't be there for.

With all that said, he is ready! He is ready for the challenge, he is ready to make new friends, he is ready to learn all that brain can hold, he is ready to obey new rules, he is ready for structure, he is ready to respect other authority, and he is ready for new experiences!

I love his excitement for all the things he is doing in school! He has not complained, whined, cried, or criticized. He wakes up every day with a good attitude, ready to start the day. He wants to do everything school has to offer, including bus riding, hot lunch, running club and after school daycare. He loves the "rules"! This cracks us up...he really does love rules.

I miss him during the day. Fisher and I love to pick him up from school! Fisher lights up when he sees him. His little legs kick with joy and he flaps his little arm trying to wave. I love sitting with him in the afternoon and hearing all about his day. He still doesn't know anyone's names(a guy thing, I'm sure), but that will come.

Friday, August 14, 2009

If this is just a sample I cant wait to see the rest!