Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sawyer and the Snake

Look out Indiana Jones...I got my whip!
I don't think he could squeeze any harder!
This is my new favorite picture!

These pictures document a very special day for Sawyer! We have upgraded creature catching from alligator lizard to garter snake. Fortunately, this snake looked like the one I had (for a very limited time) growing up, so I wasn't too alarmed. At least he asked Zach if it was a rattlesnake before he picked it up. I guess that is good, but does that mean any snake that doesn't rattle is fair game? In a 5 year old mind, I think the answer is yes. The poor snake(yes, I actually feel bad for the slimy, slithering thing) endured alot that morning! Did you know a little snake can double as a lasso? After a few minutes with our precious sweet boy, it began to coil and strike at him. He still thought it was awesome! All I can say is, BOYS...I better get used to it!