Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Merry Christmas

When I looked over our year to find one family picture to make a Christmas card with, I realized that all of our pictures have Zach or me with the kids and not both of us. We didn't have time to take a good picture and send it out before Christmas, so I was left with the weird realization that for the first time since we have been married, I didn't send out Christmas cards. It definitely wasn't for bah humbug reasons, but it just slipped past me. Zach and I were talking that it seems like everyone we know has had a glimpse into our lives all year because of our blog and facebook. You have all seen the cuts and scrapes, missing teeth, moving boxes, vacations, first day of school and family outings. I think I may like it better that I get to see the lives of our family and friends on a regular basis then once a year. So please don't feel left out or hurt by the absence of a Bonnin Christmas card, cuz it just didn't happen! So Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family, here are a few outakes from the year!

After a sunny warm vacation, it was really weird to return home and jump into the Christmas season. We didn't have much time to go on our regular tree hunt in the forest, so we hurried off to Home Depot for a tree. It only took a half an hour from start to finish, so we definitely saved time. However, it seemed very strange! We had a shortcut in the cookie department also. A box with cookie mix and cutters and frosting and sprinkles, made my job alot easier. This was the first year that Sawyer was more helpful than more work. We also had our little cookie tester:) We also did a gingerbread village, but due to our winter ant infestation, we got rid of it quickly!

Blues Clues Birthday

I can see how a December birthday really does get mixed into the business of Christmas. Fortunately, Fisher is only 2 and he has no idea! We may have to have a half birthday every year just so he can get outdoor toys and actually play with them! Blues Clues are no longer mainstream, but thanks to our old dvds, it lives on in our home. This is really the only show that holds his attention for longer than 10 minutes, so he knows it well. We are in love with this little rascal! He loves to be out and around people. He loves to play with big brother. He often boogies when the music is upbeat! He gives the best cuddles and makes all of us laugh. He loves to build, play ball, look at animals in books, playdoh, and scribbling (on everything). He adores his paci and blanket, which now that he is 2, will see less of. He is often demanding and prone to screaming when he is told no. He is a different ball game for us, but we are up for the challenge! Let the twos begin!

what is the occasion?

The occsion for our special trip to Playa del Carmen was that the oppurtunity came up and it was time for the two of us to get away. We will always have amazing memories of this vacation!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Busting out

The weekend we went to the pumpkin patch, Sawyer had been sporting a nice fever. It was a gloomy few days, but by Saturday afternoon, the fever broke and he was running around. We broke a cardinal rule of parenting: no fun if you miss school. Why do so many parent rules punish the parents more? Zach and I couldn't stand it anymore and busted out. It was a freezing day, but we had a blast! I hope my kids don't grow out of the pumpkin patch any day soon! We indulged in hand dipped corn dogs and garlic fries. Unfortunately, our decision resulted in another fever two days later and more missed school. Was it worth it? Um...yep!

Our first grader

So this picture was taken in August, but I realize that is the last time I blogged. Sawyer was nervous since the middle of kindergarten that he wouldn't know first grade stuff. I cant tell you how many times I had to reassure him that no first grader knows it. Well now that he is a third of the way done with first grade, he is figuring it all out. Most days he reports playing soccer on the field with whatever kids will play with him. Some days he will tell me he played all by himself, which makes me sad. When I ask him why no one wanted to play with him, it is usually because he is running the track. I don't blame the other kids for blowing him off. He puts alot of pressure on himself to do the best and we are trying to work through things with him so he doesnt have an ulcer by second grade. Zach and I don't get it as we were never that way. Some days I can't believe I turn him over to this institution for 6 hours. however, most days I am surprised how fast 6 hours goes by while chasing little brother. This year we have a 10 minute drive to school, but besides the gas, I'm thankful to have that time. We often prep for the day, talk about giving God the glory for all that we do, and often this is the time we have our most in depth discussions...the Holy Ghost being one of them! He still would rather do math problems than color any day, and can't wait to jump into science more(not sure where that comes from:))I didn't realize the fun and games of kindergarten really were just for that time. He works hard everyday, so that just means the fun needs to rock out at home!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

more summer pics

cascade lakes

Please take notice of Zach's crazy camping hair! Also, Sawyer just might be the luckier fisherman of the family.

We went to Brookings first for family camp and loved hanging out with friends, going to the coolest petting zoo and hanging out at the beach. Our trip just ended too quickly so we planned another long weekend to visit some more sites in Oregon. We always drive by the sign that says Crater Lake this way and never went. We finally got to see it and it was worth it! A truly amazing site, however you would freeze to death if you tried to swim in it so we continued our road trip to see the Cascade Lakes of Oregon. We were not disappointed and found the perfect camping spot for our little crew right on the Deschutes River!


We have had a great summer! I'm going to try to blast this little blog with pictures. We spent some time in Oregon and now have some new favorite spots!

Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here are lots of highlights from our trip to Arizona! Sawyer and cousin Paycey shared a Hot Wheels party! It was a great night and my mom and dad were amazing hosts for this crowd. We also celebrated Gary's Zach's dad)60th birthday. It was an awesome party and I played in my first(and probably last) poker tournament! The next morning we headed for the zoo and quickly saw the animals before the desert heat knocked us out. Sawyer spent most of the week as a fish in everyone's pools. We visited a new aquarium, splashed in different water features around town, saw Shrek in 3D in a cool IMAX theater(not going to happen in Redding!), and the biggest highlight was going to the Diamondbacks game with 15 family members! Of course the garlic fries, carmel apples, and cotton candy were pretty high on our list!