Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Random Pics

Here is a little Easter and a little San Francisco.


This morning I've been pondering how much of our lives are spent waiting. Sawyer has been a huge reminder to me that this waiting game begins early on as he awaits his upcoming birthday. I try to help him be patient and realize I'm not sure if that is something I will ever master especially in my own strength. We wait to grow up, we wait to get pregnant, we wait to have a baby, we wait for them to grow up, we wait for nap time:). We wait to hear of jobs, promotions, medical results....it goes on and on. I'm not sure I can even remember a time when I haven't been waiting for something. Currently the Bonnins find themselves waiting to settle into a different home. This is definitely not the hardest thing we have ever waited for, but we realize this is probably the first time that we are truly setting an example for Sawyer. He is watching us carefully and probing for details. He constantly asks questions that we don't have answers for. He sees his beloved material items be put away in storage. He sees my frustrations in not being able to find things or use things as well. We have really tried to stay positive and stress that it is ok not to know everything right now. It is a great time to teach that God knows the plan for us and we can rest in that. He knows when babies will be born, when jobs will work out, and when houses will be ready.

I also realize that sometimes I tend to put life on hold as we are waiting. Relationships don't stop, committments don't stop, discipline doesn't stop, eating well(getting harder, but doesn't stop) and time with God doesn't stop. So my blog has been on the waiting list, not because there isn't anything going on, but because I thought I would write when the waiting is over. As a Christian, waiting should always be in our hearts as we wait for the time to be with Jesus.