Monday, May 12, 2008

Celebrating good times

Ihave been slacking big on my blog! I hope to change that. I made a really big committment to speak at church on May 3rd, so blogging was not a good use of my free time. After that was over, I was ready to celebrate! I had a really fun birthday and got spoiled. We went to a cool bed and breakfast! We had a great dinner, a round of mini golf and a little shoppping. Sawyer loved the place we stayed. He fed the chickens and the fish in the big pond. He collected eggs in the morning which was way cool! We were also impressed that the nursery on the property was equipped with a darling coffee shop to serve the caffeine addicts.
Mother's Day was great yesterday except we weren't with our moms! We had two great meals (oh yeah the breakfast Zach made was pretty good too) and I had a big Sunday nap! Thanks boys!
Our house was in open house status all weekend and as it would be nice to end this chapter, we fully recognize it just may not be the right time. So as it stands, we are still here and plan to be for awhile.