Friday, December 26, 2008

A little bit of Christmas

Here are some pictures of our very laid back Christmas! Thank you everyone for showering us with awesome gifts! Sawyer has been playing with all of his new toys today and is actually taking the time to explore everything today. Fisher slept through most of the activities and didn't seem too bothered by getting only clothes for Christmas. How long will that last? We are thankful for all the family that has traveled great lengths to visit us and help us out during this time. Through bad weather, delayed, canceled flights, rental cars, traffic, buses, lost luggage, and not so helpful airline workers, they have made it here! Who knew that Redding was one of the hardest places to get to? I promise we didn't know that when we decided to move here.
I think our household is adjusting to the new guy. It is hard to tell how Sawyer will be when the excitement of Christmas and company settles down. We had a morning alone and it seemed pretty normal. Fisher hasn't quite settled into a predictable schedule, but do they ever really become predictable? He was pretty wild in the womb around 1:00 am and is proving to hold on to that time as play time. Other than that, he is pretty mellow.
Zach has found his way back to work twice this week and I think it is actually a more restful place for him right now. He has been awesome and has made two very yummy dinners! I knew it was hiding in there all along! I imagine everyone is digging through wrapping paper and boxes too this morning. I am looking at Sawyer's room wondering where all this stuff is going to go, but for now, I'm just grateful for all the ways our family has been blessed.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Birthday Zach and Fisher

Fisher Ridge decided to come early for his daddy's birthday! He was 7lbs 11oz, 21 inches. Sunday night around 11:00, I was greatly surprised when my water broke. I had no clues that he was ready to come as I was feeling quite good all day. We rushed around the house trying to remember all that we needed to bring as well as pack for Sawyer to spend the night with friends. Is one ever truly prepared for this to happen, especially 10 days early? We arrived at the hospital around 12:00 and the fun started. Not much happened the first couple hours. By 3:00, the hard part began and by 6:00 our baby boy was here! The first 24 hours was a whirlwind and we are so thankful to be home. Sawyer is enjoying his new brother and is exhibiting a little more "wild energy" than normal. Grams came on Monday night and is spoiling our family with great food, clean laundry, and just about anything else you could ask for!
Fisher is a good baby. He is turning out to be a bit more vocal than Sawyer was at this stage, especially at diaper changing time! We are feeling so blessed to have him here and excited that he made it here before Christmas. I am feeling pretty good and excited to sleep in my bed again, touch my toes, hold my 4 year old, and go to the bathroom on a normal person schedule.
Thank you to all who have visited and called and wished us well. We'll keep you posted!

Monday, December 8, 2008

"O Christmas Tree"

We went on our annual tree hunt yesterday. It was a gorgeous sunny day, still pretty chilly though. Some have asked us why it takes all day to get a tree and we aren't really sure. Here is a rundown of activities.

1. Meet friends at grocery store (Usually the Bonnins are late)
2. Load up into friend's rig
3. Drive to approved tree cutting area
4. Drive down many dirt roads and turn around
5. Finally find the perfect tree area
6. Unload kids and redress them
7. Start a fire
8. Watch kids play in fire
9. Hike around for a tree
10. Eat lunch
11. Play in any snow around
12. Drink hot chocolate
13. Get serious about looking for tree
14. cut tree
15. Carry tree back to car
16. realize tree is huge and trim tree more
17. Tie trees to car
18. Ride friend's quads(I didn't participate)
19. Eat more, play more, sit by fire
20. Put out fire
21. Undress kids
22. Load up kids and stuff
23. Drive back to town
24. Eat pizza
25. Unload tree
That is pretty much our day and we love it! It usually takes us a day or 2 to get the tree up and decorated...who wants to rush these things.