Monday, November 17, 2008

My Boys are a Blessing

I just wanted to spend a minute and share why my boys are a blessing. As I am slowing down quite a bit, the boys are really taking up the slack. This morning Sawyer got dressed on his own (interesting outfit choice, but I don't care right now). He came in with his lunchbox and said he made it already. He actually made really great, yogurt, and oranges (one can never have too much fruit) He picks things up for me and helps me at the store when things are on the bottom shelves.

He is truly forgiving and pretty understanding of my lack of energy and ability to do things we normally do.

Zach has been so great too! There are too many things to list, but he has been selfless in so many ways! I really appreciate everything these guys are doing to make this next month a little easier. Thank you for the extra time in bed in the morning, as I don't sleep so much at night. Thank you for carving out special time with Sawyer when you are tired from your work week. Thank you for your patience.

I love my boys, and I am extremely blessed that my little ones will have an amazing dad for a role model.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Sawyer's Perspective on the President

Tuesday was an interesting day. I had the privelage of explaining the voting process to a 4 year old. I told him we would go to his school where I could vote. He says"does everyone get a boat?" Oh I wish that were the case. I told him I write on a piece of paper in a box. "Do we get to take the box home? What is in the box?" I told him I would get to pick who I wanted for the president. "Do we all get our own president? Will he come to our house? Will we have new rules?" After a long day of questioning and me trying to explain things, I was almost sorry I brought the whole thing up!

Later that evening, we were watching the news for the results and Sawyer asked, "Did we win mom?" After I answered his question he said very thoughtfully, "God has more power than the president, right?" that is so right. May we all be reminded by the big heart of a little 4 year old that God is all powerful....even more than the president.