Monday, March 24, 2008


We had a great weekend! The weather was gorgeous and spring is springing here! Saturday we had a fun family picnic at Whiskeytown and then joined all our friends for an egg hunt. Sunday we spent the morning celebrating our Savior rising from the dead, so our sins may be washed away. I am so thankful for this gift of grace and mercy that I don't deserve.

We spent the rest of our afternoon with our friends, enjoying food, games and company. If any of you have been following Sawyer's Woody'll notice Woody is in the egg hunt.

Sawyer was told when he could stay dry at night, he could have Woody. I have been stripping sheets every morning since Christmas. He had 3 dry nights in a row, so we thought we would reward him(mostly for his patience in waiting for Woody).

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

happy st patrick's day

So, I'm pretty sure we are not Irish. I think Megan is an Irish name. Anyway, last week Sawyer came home from preschool and said they read a book about a leopard. When I asked what the leapord did in the story, he said it pinched. It took me a few days to realize the teacher read a story about a leprechaun. So I was inspired to throw a St. Patty's bash...corned beef and cabbage, green jello, lime koolaid, shamrock shakes, and pots of gold candy. We had a treasure hunt to find the gold and Sawyer said he found leprechauns under the bed. In Sawyer's words, "We sure had a fun day!"

Monday, March 3, 2008


My sister and her husband came to redding a couple of weeks ago. We were having our famous Nor Cal rainy weather. Instead of wasting a perfect day in front of the tv, we decided to Snowshoe. None of us had ever tried it, but we are all so thankful we did. We searched all over town for the last remaining "cheap snow boots" for our guests. Yeah for Big 5! We got our snowshoes at Sports Ltd and off to Manzanita Lake we went. It was snowing the whole time, but it was so gorgeous and peaceful.