Friday, December 7, 2007

Getting Ready

We are getting ready for the birthday of baby Jesus! We went to the forest a few weeks ago to get our tree. It was another incredible family day! We rode quads, roasted dogs and marshmallows and hiked up and down the mountainside looking for the perfect tree! There wasn't any snow this year, so we became much pickier and spent the whole day searching. It is amazing you can find a tree in 10 minutes when the weather is freezing! We are thankful for our friends that share in our annual tradition! I am also thankful that Zach loves this tradition too, as he does all the hard work!

We went to the redding christmas parade this past weekend. I have no pictures, but imagine us sitting on the curb watching 50% of our town driving thier decorated vehicles waving and saying Merry Christmas. We have been doing our advent calender. My intentions were good in remembering Jesus, but I'm afraid it is all about the candy and prizes. Oh well, I'm sure most parents struggle with commercialism of Christmas. On that note, Sawyer is pumped for the big day. He has been following in my footsteps looking carefully through toy catalogs and circling some favorites.

Next week is our Christmas performance at church. Sawyer is to be learning two songs and isn't quite interested. We sing Away in the Manger all different ways, but it just isn't sticking. I'm hoping he will at least stand up front and make that christmas sweater worth it!

Tonight is Santa night! The past few years we've had to throw him on Santa's lap and run. It is actually pretty mean, but I've got to have that picture for my scrapbook!

May you all be enjoying this awesome time in celebration of our Savior!