Thursday, June 10, 2010


Here are lots of highlights from our trip to Arizona! Sawyer and cousin Paycey shared a Hot Wheels party! It was a great night and my mom and dad were amazing hosts for this crowd. We also celebrated Gary's Zach's dad)60th birthday. It was an awesome party and I played in my first(and probably last) poker tournament! The next morning we headed for the zoo and quickly saw the animals before the desert heat knocked us out. Sawyer spent most of the week as a fish in everyone's pools. We visited a new aquarium, splashed in different water features around town, saw Shrek in 3D in a cool IMAX theater(not going to happen in Redding!), and the biggest highlight was going to the Diamondbacks game with 15 family members! Of course the garlic fries, carmel apples, and cotton candy were pretty high on our list!