Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Swing!!!!

Not all baby gear is created equal. I have done a pretty good job this time around not falling into buying every baby gimic out there. With Sawyer, I thought I needed it all and he ended up being a baby that was content on the ground. Fisher is a new experience for us! Our friends were so generous in lending us a baby swing, but every time we put Fisher in it, he got really mad! How strange that a baby wouldn't like any swing! Out of desperation, I researched craigslist for a week and found a cradle papasan swing. It is huge and takes up too much room, but it is my new best friend! He now swings right through fussy time! He swings at dinner, he swings for some naps, and he swings when big brother needs mommy time. This would not be my first choice, as I think he should be in his crib, but for now he's swingin! He does sleep in his bed at night, so we know he is capable!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A Challenge

I am challenging all those that read our blog to make themselves known! Leave a comment or become a follower. It would be fun for us to know who our readers are. Don't be shy...just do it!

This and That

This is the first morning in awhile that I can sit down and catch up on my blog. This entry will probably be boring to most, as it reflects on our time with a newborn. However, that is about all that is going on. We had a great night thanks to Zach being willing to do the midnight feeding! After that, Fisher slept till 4:30...this is a big deal, since he has been "snacking" at 2:30 am. We discovered the little guy does REALLY GOOD in his carseat, so that is where he slumbered. It sounds horrible, but sleep deprived parents will try anything! He is taking his morning nap in his crib right now, so he isn't totally opposed to it. I was ready to purchase this crazy newborn soothing station yesterday, but I came to my senses. Fisher has tummy issues and spends quite a bit of time fussing, but once he passes whatever, he is a sweet happy baby that is already smiling and interacting with us. I have made efforts to change my diet in hopes it would make a difference. No dairy, certain veggies and just about any other thing I can think of. I have dabbled in no caffeine, but just a little bit really helps me, so I have something at least once during the day! Not every baby is created equal!!! I knew from my time with him in the womb that he would give us a run for our money! I'm not surprised he busted out early and forceful! (Did I ever mention he came too fast for pain medication at delivery....little stinker)
Big brother Sawyer is doing well, but has an icky cough. He isn't allowed to interact too much with baby as we are making our best effort to keep him well. We enjoyed a 3 day weekend with Zach home and went to Mt. Shasta with friends for sledding and ice skating. I don't have too many pictures from the day, but it was fun to get out of the house. By the way, if anyone knows about the crazy stroller I purchased, it even worked on a snowy hill and Fisher is so content in it...Go Megan!!(I have to keep convincing myself it was a good investment) Fortunately, he is happy to be on the go, just like Sawyer. Sawyer loves road trips! He loves to pack, and usually gets in the car about 15 minutes before we actually leave. Our car ends up looking like we are going for a week! He is a little Zach for sure! He has a great sense of direction, tells us when we "roll" through stop signs, reports speed limits and asks why we turn right when the light is red. Zach keeps telling me there is a reason that guys are usually better drivers, they start young! I wonder if I paid attention better if I might have a better sense of direction? Probably not!
Sawyer is learning to share us, but he really doesn't like "being alone" Even if we are all at the table, he wants us right next to him! He isn't thrilled when he has to go to bed, but Fisher is still up with both of us. Someday, Fisher will be in bed way before Sawyer and Fisher will be complaining to stay up late. I'll be the only one complaining that I want to go to bed early.
I'm finding my most productive time is night time. Not like me at all, but it works. I hope this entry doesn't come across like I'm whiny or complaining. We are loving "most" minutes and feel very blessed by these two guys.
Oh yeah, I just wanted to mention that our sister Kiah got accepted to NAU and is hoping to major in Dental Hygiene. We are so proud of her and excited for her to go to our school! If you are reading this Kiah, we love you and can't wait for you to go!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I've been tagged

I guess I am supposed to post my 4th folder, 4th photo...Here it is, Sawyer at the pumpkin patch in 2007

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I didn't think I was that tired....

I don't feel like I'm really that tired until I'm reminded of things that I would not normally do with adequate sleep. Yesterday when the phone rang I could hear it, but definitely couldn't find it. Unfortunately, Zach was home to witness this event...When we paged the phone, we traced the beeping to the kitchen, then by the sink, then under the sink, and yes, there it was, buried in the garbage can. How could I have done that? Probably the same reason I keep typing in my zip code every time instead of my pin number. Fisher is really doing great, but the little guy still needs to eat in the middle of the night. So, if you try to call me in the next few weeks and get the answering machine, just know I'm probably looking for the phone!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Fisher's second week

We are just loving on the baby!

A Mt. Shasta Day

Zach took Sawyer, Kiah and Tyler to Mt. Shasta for some fun on the mountain! Zach and Sawyer skiied and Kiah snowboarded and Tyler took a snowboarding lesson. It sounds like they had a great day. Hopefully I will get a chance to snowboard this season too, but for now, Fisher and I will hang together. Sawyer loves going fast and is closely watching the snowboarders. You have to be 5 to take snowboard lessons and he is pretty sure he wants to do that. We just might end up being a snowboarding family. Who knows....


Thanks to Aunt Shelley, we now have a jedi and a bat boy. Thank you to Grammy for the movie Kung Fu Panda and all the new moves my child has picked up. Needless to say, our 4 year old(excuse me, 4 1/2 year old) has been bouncing off the walls this week. Perhaps there will be a major sugar detox going down this week. He is pretty funny in his costumes and he always says, "it is just me, Sawyer, in a costume" as if we couldn't recognize him!