Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Belly Bling

What do you do for fun when daddy is gone for the evening? Bling up our bellies of course! Sawyer is thrilled we both have "outies" right now, so why not decorate them! By the way, please don't blow up these pictures, they aren't flattering!

Monday, August 25, 2008

lizzards and crafts?

I just thought I would post pictures of the lizzard wrangling going on at our house. Poor little guy didn't know what was coming his way. I guess he won't be walking so slow next time.
I've had my scrapbook table out for awile and Sawyer loves to sit with me and do "work". Unfortunately, one of his favorite things to do is use scissors. He is good with them, but I'm getting to the point where I'm not fond of picking up confetti.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Soccer Game

I think playing soccer has been more of a highlight than school starting! From the time he could talk, he has wanted to be on a team! He loved getting soccer shoes and special shinguards! I'm surprised he let me take them off the first day we bought them. The game was pretty exciting! He got tackled twice. One resulted in a bloody lip and the other one a dirty face. After that he wasn't too keen on kicking the ball. He just ran "super fast" all over the field the rest of the game. He gets to play with two of his friends and is enjoying meeting the others! After his first practice, he asked,"when does baseball start?" So I guess soccer is good, but baseball is his first love. I'm thinking we just need to get him on a track to run!

I'm all for sports as he is still taking his nap this afternoon....going on three hours!

First day of school

Sawyer went back to preschool on Monday. He will go Monday and Wednesday mornings. All of the big kids from his class last year moved up to kindergarten, so he is the big kid now and likes it. The Monday class only has girls so far, but he didn't seem to mind. A friend of mine gives her kids twinkies on their first day of school and I thought that was a great tradition to start! He has never had one before and constantly asked, "what is in the middle and what is a twinkie?" We told him to just eat it! You don't ask what twinkies are made of!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have made an official decision that moms ( especially hormonal moms) should not be put in the position to pick and purchase children's portraits. I was completely decided to be tough and only buy 4 sheets of portraits . Well, the sneaky salesman put our pictures in these beautiful matted frames and said, "we just like to show you what we can do" I said, "CRAP" How am I supposed to just leave this beautiful masterpiece of my baby...So my emotions took over and out I walked with this huge wall hanging. I know it was not a wise financial decision right now, but did I mention the extra hormones? So until I get a grip, this will now be a father's job if he is willing to take it on!
(For my local friends in Redding...I was in Chico yesterday and went to Picture People. You receive your portraits 5 minutes after ordering..WARNING BE STRONG!)

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3 of them...1 of me

We had an ultrasound last week and everything with the baby is going well and on track. We decided to find out the sex this time. With Sawyer we waited, but this time we thought a surprise at 19 weeks would still be a surprise. Sawyer was convinced that we were growing a sister as most of his friends have sisters. That morning, the 3 of us bet..Zach and Sawyer guessed girl and I guessed boy. Mom is the winner! To me it seems silly either way. We are so blessed to have the oppurtunity to raise another child that we are thrilled no matter what.

I know it may seem like a bummer I may never have pretty, pink princessy stuff, but I love the idea of having a house full of boys. Sawyer says,"there is 3 of us and one of you, so you need lots of sugar(kisses)" Over the years when I imagined what our family might look like if we were to have another child, I envisioned little boys. So really, it all seems just right. Most of all I praise God for a wonderful pregnancy and for creating such precious life!

So now we just have to convince the big brother that Buzz lightyear will not be the official name!

North Coast

We went camping at Patrick's Point this weekend. The weather was probably the best I've ever seen during the summer. The sun is not something you expect to see over there, so it was a nice surprise. We were able to take advantage and go kayaking, something I would never consider before due to chill factor. Sawyer giggled the whole time and spent most of the time with his head dipped in the water.

It is the end of camping season for us, so I am swimming in trailer laundry. I did 5 loads yesterday and I'm sure there are 5 more today...blankets, sheets, towels, sleeping bags, etc...It sounds like complaining, but I'm so thankful for our little trailer and the memories that our family is making. I'm also thankful that I'm never cold in the woods!