Saturday, August 11, 2007

Six Flags...Here we come!

THE BOOMERANG, do you see us on the ride?

We did spend the night in the bay area, not knowing what we would do the next day. We went to Denny's and decided to try the amusement park. Sawyer hasn't been to one before and we weren't sure what he would be able to do. We were thrilled that there was so much for all of us to do. Sawyer was so excited about the Thomas Train town and riding harold the helicopter. He loved the fast rides and giggled the whole time! The cool thing at this park is there is alot of animals, so we went to some shows and enjoyed the cool exhibits. My favorite was the walruses!
We didn't bring Sawyer's stroller with us so we didn't know how long we would last. That little guy walked the entire day with only a few lifts. Way to go dude! Of course Zach and I took turns going on the big rides with Kiah. It was awesome. It has been about 9 years since I've been on a good ride! We have free passes to use before October, so hopefully we'll get down there again!

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zach said...

How come you didnt post the pic with your faces all contorted?