Friday, November 7, 2008

Sawyer's Perspective on the President

Tuesday was an interesting day. I had the privelage of explaining the voting process to a 4 year old. I told him we would go to his school where I could vote. He says"does everyone get a boat?" Oh I wish that were the case. I told him I write on a piece of paper in a box. "Do we get to take the box home? What is in the box?" I told him I would get to pick who I wanted for the president. "Do we all get our own president? Will he come to our house? Will we have new rules?" After a long day of questioning and me trying to explain things, I was almost sorry I brought the whole thing up!

Later that evening, we were watching the news for the results and Sawyer asked, "Did we win mom?" After I answered his question he said very thoughtfully, "God has more power than the president, right?" that is so right. May we all be reminded by the big heart of a little 4 year old that God is all powerful....even more than the president.

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