Friday, December 26, 2008

A little bit of Christmas

Here are some pictures of our very laid back Christmas! Thank you everyone for showering us with awesome gifts! Sawyer has been playing with all of his new toys today and is actually taking the time to explore everything today. Fisher slept through most of the activities and didn't seem too bothered by getting only clothes for Christmas. How long will that last? We are thankful for all the family that has traveled great lengths to visit us and help us out during this time. Through bad weather, delayed, canceled flights, rental cars, traffic, buses, lost luggage, and not so helpful airline workers, they have made it here! Who knew that Redding was one of the hardest places to get to? I promise we didn't know that when we decided to move here.
I think our household is adjusting to the new guy. It is hard to tell how Sawyer will be when the excitement of Christmas and company settles down. We had a morning alone and it seemed pretty normal. Fisher hasn't quite settled into a predictable schedule, but do they ever really become predictable? He was pretty wild in the womb around 1:00 am and is proving to hold on to that time as play time. Other than that, he is pretty mellow.
Zach has found his way back to work twice this week and I think it is actually a more restful place for him right now. He has been awesome and has made two very yummy dinners! I knew it was hiding in there all along! I imagine everyone is digging through wrapping paper and boxes too this morning. I am looking at Sawyer's room wondering where all this stuff is going to go, but for now, I'm just grateful for all the ways our family has been blessed.


momof3fromcali said...

You are one beautiful momma! I love your Christmas photos. And I am doing the same today~ wondering where all this stuff is going to fit!

Heather Rodriguez said...

Congratulations! He is beautiful. I have been thinking about you the past couple of days, wondering when baby was going to arrive. What a nice birthday surprise for Zach!