Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So these pictures are almost 3 years old, but I was reminiscing this morning of our wonderful, warm, adventurous, revitalizing, relaxing, sunny mexican cruise. I think because our weather has been rainy and cloudy, I've been thinking of warmer days. We are blessed to have rain, no doubt, but cabin fever is setting in now. We have even let Sawyer roller skate in the house. These pictures also represent an amazing week for Zach and I to be together. So as I sit here, listening to the heater click on and off and drink my hot coffee, I know that this is only a season. I need to cherish all my seasons. As I held Fisher last night after one of his feedings, I realized that he is really growing out of the newborn stage. He doesn't just crash on our chests unless it is late at night. He is getting strong and responsive, he is even growing out of his "fussy time", he looks like a stuffed sausage in some of his clothes. I asked Zach if he thought we have held him enough? It doesn't seem like enough! Even though my sleep is interrupted, it is my special time with Fisher. I love when he is "sleep eating". God created our seasons and life seasons. I do think about another special warm trip for Zach and I to take, but for now I love to take care of my precious boys on a rainy day.

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Sherry said...

Megan~ Wasn't that such a great trip! I am dreaming of the next time Troy and I can get away on a vacation like that again too!