Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Our first grader

So this picture was taken in August, but I realize that is the last time I blogged. Sawyer was nervous since the middle of kindergarten that he wouldn't know first grade stuff. I cant tell you how many times I had to reassure him that no first grader knows it. Well now that he is a third of the way done with first grade, he is figuring it all out. Most days he reports playing soccer on the field with whatever kids will play with him. Some days he will tell me he played all by himself, which makes me sad. When I ask him why no one wanted to play with him, it is usually because he is running the track. I don't blame the other kids for blowing him off. He puts alot of pressure on himself to do the best and we are trying to work through things with him so he doesnt have an ulcer by second grade. Zach and I don't get it as we were never that way. Some days I can't believe I turn him over to this institution for 6 hours. however, most days I am surprised how fast 6 hours goes by while chasing little brother. This year we have a 10 minute drive to school, but besides the gas, I'm thankful to have that time. We often prep for the day, talk about giving God the glory for all that we do, and often this is the time we have our most in depth discussions...the Holy Ghost being one of them! He still would rather do math problems than color any day, and can't wait to jump into science more(not sure where that comes from:))I didn't realize the fun and games of kindergarten really were just for that time. He works hard everyday, so that just means the fun needs to rock out at home!

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