Monday, February 5, 2007

"On the Prowl"

We did it! We finally found the little travel trailer we've been looking for. We sold our boat when Sawyer was born because it didn't fit into our new life very well. We love to camp, but the older we get, the less appealing it is to sleep on the ground. Last summer we tent camped a couple of times, but having Sawyer stuffed in our sleeping bags did not allow for some good zzzz's. The family we bought it from spent an hour telling us about all their memories from the past 10 years that they owned it. I'm excited for the memories that we will build around our new(very used)toy! We can't wait to explore our amazing parks and campgrounds in the Northwest! Let's go CAMPING!!

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Breanna said...

megan, that looks like so much fun! What has happened to the city girl within me??? I am so excited for you guys, you will have so much fun, and no more dishes with make shift tubs!!! Can we come sometime? Don't worry, we'll bring our own tent, if we can cook inside yours!