Friday, November 2, 2007

Discovery Kingdom ....again!

We had free passes that expired this week, so we surprised Sawyer and went to "roller coaster city". We had a super time! It was a perfect weather day with small crowds. Zach and I didn't go on any major rides, but it was fun to experience everything with Sawyer. At one point we went over to the go carts to see if Sawyer was tall enough. Anyone that knows Sawyer realizes how big a deal it would be to drive a race car! Unfortunately, he was too short. I was so impressed with his attitude! I myself was very disappointed and couldn't understand why one had to be a certain height to ride the cars. He looked up at me and said, " It's ok, I'll be big next time mom and I can ride it." No whines or cries. How embarrassing when a 3 year old has a better attitude!

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