Monday, September 22, 2008

It's All About Volcanoes!

I'm not sure what triggered the fascination with volcanoes, but the last two weeks, Sawyer has inquired about volcanoes on a regular basis. We took a special trip to the non-fiction section at the library and picked out as many volcano books as we could find. We've read all of them and talked about them in great detail. Only a few weeks ago did he start saying "hot Lava" instead of "hot llama". I didn't correct him because it is too cute, but he eventually corrected it himself.

Zach and I have been wanting to take him to Mt Lassen all week and yesterday was the day! For those of you that don't live around here, Mt lassen erupted in 1915 and is now preserved as a National Park! It is absolutely beautiful! There are lakes, streams, mountains and peaks to climb, backcountry hiking trails and campsites. The terrain changes at every curve of the road. It is quite a spectacular site! I am usually not an information, nonfiction, data gathering type, but I'm experiencing a new excitement for these things to come alive for my little 4 year old sponge. To see this through his eyes is so cool.

We thought the coolest thing to see (actually the hottest) was the boiling mud pots. We hiked a cool trail (we didn't realize it was 3 miles), but we all made it! The sulfuric rock and liquid was horribly stinky, but it made a huge impression on Sawyer. he woke up this morning and came into our room and the first thing he said was, "that volcano was really cool and stinky!" I'm not sure what he'll be interested in next, but I can't wait! he has been asking alot about the moon, but I'm not sure what we would do for that field trip?


Matt and Lindsey said...

That looks like an incredible field trip Megan! :) How far away is that for those of us in Gilbert, AZ? My boys would love that too!

Jenny said...

How have I lived here for almost 10years and have never been there? I think you need to take me on your little trips too!

Jenny said...

That looks like a lot of fun! How have I lived here for almost 10years and have never been there? Maybe you should start taking me on your field trips too!


It must be nice to have things to do where you live and be outdoors- How awesome! How are you feeling? Your overalls hide your tummy- in the pics at least. You are in great shape to do all that and be prego! Way to go!!!