Thursday, September 4, 2008

A Rough Start

There were 2 shelves! Now only 1!
The hole here doesn't quite show up good...there are 4 all together :(

Thank you grammy for our sweeper, I'm going to need a more powerful model!

One phone call is all it takes sometimes! I heard a massive bang from the back of the house with no screaming (which is good). Sawyer shows up in the kitchen and tells me something really bad just happened. I already guessed that! We went into the office and there it was on the floor. My poor shelf. The sad part is the huge holes in my wonderful wall. After a few minutes of asking what happened, it finally came out that he just needed to hang! Yes, you've heard the "need to speed" well my son has the "need to hang". I'm thankful that he didn't get hurt! After, he spent some time in his room, I gave him a snack and this is what became of it! I'm glad I didn't add milk!!!! I love my boy and realize that the action is just going to double soon!

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Matt and Lindsey said...

Gotta love boys! :) I'm glad that Sawyer wasn't hurt during his "need to hang" time. Our boys are into doing flips now. I'm just hoping that we don't experience any broken necks! YIKES!!!