Friday, October 24, 2008

I think I was tagged!

I think I was tagged to give 6 fascinating facts about myself(unless Lindsey has another blogging friend Megan) I will go for it anyway! This isn't going to be easy!

1. I have learned in the past year and a half not to fear my kitchen! I have never loved to cook or do much in the kitchen, but I am actually learning to like it and some weeks, I enjoy it. I finally have some recipes that are favorites and one of them is in the oven right now.....banana chocolate chip bread! I love finding the foods that Sawyer loves and enjoys making with me!

2. I really enjoy coffee! I am taking a break from caffeine during pregnancy as it makes me feel weird, but it is something Zach and I look forward to everyday. I like to make mochas at home and save $4 a day! It also brings great joy to Zach as that is his breakfast! my favorite is white peppermint mochas with little candy cane pieces!

3. I absolutely love fall! it is my favorite season! Growing up in AZ, I didn't get to experience the change of seasons except hot to kind of colder. I love taking walks and seeing changing colors, smelling wood stoves that are starting to be used, pumpkin patches and the chill in the air!

4. I am a new snowboarder. Last year was my first season and in spite of all the bruising, I really loved the challenge of a new sport! I skiied since I was 6 years old and when I am asked to compare the two, I have trouble. I really like to be good and not fall and tackle any part of the mountain, but not wearing ski boots could possibly top that list! I'm hoping I'll get a few runs in this winter after the baby is born...I might be dreaming. Oh snowboard is the girliest thing you have ever seen, thank you hubby for that!

5. I'm thinking if I left my hair alone, it would all be gray. I struggle with the vanity and cost of having it colored, but I really enjoy it right now and it is a special treat. (I need to clearly state that I don't think gray hair looks bad as most of my family is blessed with it, but I'm just not ready to go there yet!)

6. I have been a scrapbooker since 1996 and have a huge collection of scrapbooks. i love the creative outlet. With that being said, I have really enjoyed blogging! I like that my pictures can be caught up to the minute and my thoughts can be shared while they are fresh in my head. I like that family from a distance can see what we are up to, where my scrapbooks just sit on the shelf rarely looked at. I am trying to figure out how to publish my blog and have it bound somehow. Let me know if anyone knows how to do it!

I'm going to tag Jenny, Tricia w, mary, sherry and breanna are you up for the challenge?


Matt and Lindsey said...

Great job Megan! You were the one I was referring to. :) Yes, I would someday like to experience "fall" outside of Arizona too, if only for a visit. I envy that you get to experience that every day! It must be beautiful!

Breanna said...

Hey, I did it! I loved reading your responses!

Breanna said...

I did it, loved reading yours!

momof3fromcali said...

Hi Megan~
What a great life you have! Thanks for tagging me! It was fun!
Have a super great week!