Tuesday, October 14, 2008


Zach and Sawyer were very successful growing pumpkins this year! The pumpkins actually overtook our whole garden and most of our other crops died due to the major takeover! They have been picking pumpkins the past few weeks and we still have a few more growing. Today we decided to see if we could actually do something useful with them. I thought I should at least try, since they spent all that time growing them. Sawyer picked 2 pumpkins just the right size and we cut them, cleaned them, cooked them, scooped them, mooshed them, mixed them and cooked them again! I had enough mixture to make 2 pies, but only one pre made crust, so I broke down and made a pie crust. We just finished sampling and it was surprisingly really good!

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Matt and Lindsey said...

Oooh, those pies look delicious! Do you have a recipe that you'd be willing to share for your pumpkin pie filling? The last one I made from scratch wasn't too good. Thanks!