Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Swing!!!!

Not all baby gear is created equal. I have done a pretty good job this time around not falling into buying every baby gimic out there. With Sawyer, I thought I needed it all and he ended up being a baby that was content on the ground. Fisher is a new experience for us! Our friends were so generous in lending us a baby swing, but every time we put Fisher in it, he got really mad! How strange that a baby wouldn't like any swing! Out of desperation, I researched craigslist for a week and found a cradle papasan swing. It is huge and takes up too much room, but it is my new best friend! He now swings right through fussy time! He swings at dinner, he swings for some naps, and he swings when big brother needs mommy time. This would not be my first choice, as I think he should be in his crib, but for now he's swingin! He does sleep in his bed at night, so we know he is capable!


My name is Breanna... said...

yeah Fisher! I want a swing in my family room too!

Seth and Noël said...

I have this swing and I couldn't live without it. Jude just loved it and it really helped when I needed to get something done. It is a lifesaver and I would get rid of everything else if I had to in order to keep the swing. So don't feel badly, the swing is a blessing!