Monday, July 6, 2009

Best Friend

This is the story of a boy and a girl that are 9 months apart, but have truly been buddies from the beginning. They have been bonded together through the years. Even with the addition of new siblings, these two still have a special connection. I realize now that they are getting older, they have different interests and new friends that they enjoy. She loves to do girly things and he loves boy things and they are distracted from each other when other kids are around. We had the pleasure of her company all day a couple of weeks ago and found that they still love to be together. They sat in the backseat and chatted all the way. She listened to him go on and on about transformers and he listened to her talk about coloring, reading and friends. They told each other goofy jokes(not funny except their giggles were awesome!) They have a friendly competitiveness (heighth especially, for now they are tied in heighth and it is best if it stays that way!). I know that as they get older and have different interests, they may not spend as much time together, but for now, Kacia is Sawyer's best friend. She is who he talks about the most, she is the one he asks about daily, she drives him to do bigger and better things, she will always be special to him as his first friend in this world.

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