Monday, July 6, 2009

Sawyer's 5th Birthday

This is way overdue, but better late than never. Sawyer's 5th birthday has been the most anticipated birthday yet. Sawyer has wanted to be 5 since the day he turned 4. He has had many things that he has wanted to accomplish because he is 5 and will have to be patient for some of those things to happen over the course of this year. He learned to ride his bike with no training wheels, learned his right from left, is now playing on a real tball team, can cross a row of monkey bars, cast and reel in his own big fish, write all of his letters, starting to color in lines, and not take a nap(we are still working out the kinks in this one). He is still waiting to read, lose a tooth, go to school, watch Star Wars, grow really tall(so he can ride more rides at Discovery Kingdom) and tie his shoes.

I love seeing his 5 year old mind work. At Vacation Bible School this summer, his mind and heart was really opened to learning more about God. On the way home one day, he whispered, "mom, I have a gift." What is that Sawyer? "the gift of eternal life from God!" He then explains to me that it is a gift that he gets not because he begs or asks for it, but because God loves him. I don't write this from a proud heart that my son is so brilliant for listening and repeating something from VBS, but from a grateful heart at the reminder that eternal life is a gift that we don't deserve. Believe me when I say I wanted to hold back gifts from Sawyer on his birthday because he was acting so greedy and selfish. Imagine if our Savior held back his gift because of our greediness and selfishness? I'm certain none of us would be given His gift!

Happy Birthday sweet Sawyer, I love you!

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