Monday, September 28, 2009

Hey, Hey, Goodbye

I will never forget Zach catching chickens all over the yard...too funny!

So Sunday we said goodbye to our feathered friends.(I should say the boys' friends) I would like to think that I'm a pretty good sport about most things. However, my long standing bird phobia showed its true colors when turkey grew to be the size of my own children. He began to chase Sawyer while he drove his car around the yard and gobbling every minute. I convinced myself he was going to attack. I know he sensed my fear and taunted me by just standing near me. It worked! I'm not sure if Zach agreed to get rid of the birds for my sake or for the possible money making oppurtunity. I'm thinking the latter! Who would've guessed he would get countless emails and calls for people wanting to give us money in return for our overgrown monster!

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever fit in this farming community? Last Sunday, we gathered in our little cabin inspired church, Cow Creek Community in Palo Cedro, eatin tri-tip, and listening to bluegrass music. The funny thing is that it almost seemed normal (compared to what we are used to). I was giggling as we drove home and Zach inquired what was so funny and as I told him, he was also surprised that it felt like a normal evening. I don't say this to make fun of our church or anything like that, just to say things are different here. We love that it is different and simple. We love that tri-tip can bring people together and spread such joy!(Tri-tip is a cut of meat that we had not heard of prior to moving here)

With all that said, we are not quite ready to be chicken and turkey farmers! Did you know our turkey's poop was the size of our 80 pound dog? GROSS If and when the day comes we invite birds into our lives again, they will be separated better from the family and not be completely "free range" . We wish them a happy life at their new goat ranch in Janesville!(that sounds like a perfect place for them!)


Jenny said...

Yeah for you not having to walk around chicken poop anymore and yeah for the profit Zach made! I must admit- you were quite gracious for putting up with them as long as you did, I would have never agreed to them in the first place (not that you really ever "officially" agreed:) ). Plus, on a selfish note, I'm glad I don't have to interact with Thanksgiving dinner anymore!

Breanna Golden said...

So Meg, does that mean you are still providing the Turkey for Thanksgiving??? You know I was counting on that 40lb of organic meat! (Just joking!) maybe it's best not to have a name for our Thanksgiving main course. I think Allie may have cried if we made her eat something she has witnessed alive.
You were quite a sport and I must say you lasted longer than I ever would have!