Thursday, October 15, 2009

9 months

Well, Fisher is now 10 months old, but here are some pictures from the ninth month! I'm writing this mostly so I can look back and remember this moment in time that seems to be a vapor! He is 19pounds,13ounces, 30 inches long. He cracks us up with all of his expressions and is starting to babble things that make sense, such as, mama, dada, bru(brother), and baba(bottle). He lifts his arms in the air when asked, "how big is Fisher?" He explores every nook and cranny around here with fingers and mouth! He still screams after every nap and in the morning. If I waited till he was a happy cheerful baby(as the books suggest), he would never leave those oak bars! I'm pretty sure that he just doesn't want to miss out on anything! He is happy and rearing to go as soon as he is removed. We have to pin him down to change diapers and clothes. He acts as if he is being truly harmed in some way. He is also challenging some days at the high chair. He has mastered smiling and laughing while keeping his lips tightly sealed. He only has 2 lower teeth, so moving away from pureed baby food isn't in the near future. He is a big flirt with the ladies. Mostly the strange ladies in stores that you really don't want to talk to. We have randomly caught him standing, not holding on to anything, so he will just get faster. He loves to be outdoors, in the stroller, and the backpack. He has enjoyed going to Sawyer's class with me on Tuesdays and interacting with the big kids that affectionately call him "Fisherman". Just this morning, Zach and I were talking about how much we love him when we didn't think it would be possible after Sawyer. I think we comment everyday, "Sawyer never did that..." yes, Sawyer was an easy baby in every way, but easy isn't everything!

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