Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Blues Clues Birthday

I can see how a December birthday really does get mixed into the business of Christmas. Fortunately, Fisher is only 2 and he has no idea! We may have to have a half birthday every year just so he can get outdoor toys and actually play with them! Blues Clues are no longer mainstream, but thanks to our old dvds, it lives on in our home. This is really the only show that holds his attention for longer than 10 minutes, so he knows it well. We are in love with this little rascal! He loves to be out and around people. He loves to play with big brother. He often boogies when the music is upbeat! He gives the best cuddles and makes all of us laugh. He loves to build, play ball, look at animals in books, playdoh, and scribbling (on everything). He adores his paci and blanket, which now that he is 2, will see less of. He is often demanding and prone to screaming when he is told no. He is a different ball game for us, but we are up for the challenge! Let the twos begin!

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