Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Day a Lizard Bit Me

Last Sunday after church, Sawyer came running up to me and said "mom, I caught a lizard!" I'm not afraid of lizards, but he definitely caught me off guard. I turned around and pretty much jumped as I was witnessing a very angry lizard snapping and hissing. Sawyer was sqeezing the life out of it and the lizard was beginning to break his skin. I've never seen such a proud look on my son's face! This is what Sawyer recalls of the experience. "I saw this lizard and I snuck up on it and I was so brave to catch it. It liked me holding it, he was smiling(this was actually biting). Sawyer reports, "you can catch a lizard at your church too, but don't catch an alligator lizard because they bite." This was the day we all learned about the northern California Alligator Lizard. When we googled it, the first sentence said, "when you see an alligator lizard, do not pick it up, they are known to bite!" Have I mentioned I love having boys?


Nature Girl said...

I have also been bitten by an alligator lizard. How funny!

Seeking His Face said...

I can't even tell you how funny that was! It was so scary, but sweet Sawyer was so psyched about it :) Those pics are scary... haha. Had fun with Sawyer last night, and can't wait to have Fisher! Have a good week, Megan! :)