Tuesday, February 17, 2009

One Picture Tells a Story

If anyone is wondering why there are no new pictures or stories of adventure this past week, this picture should explain it all! So far, only Sawyer and I have had the plague. (no pukes for those of friends and family that have phobias!)We are praying that little Fisher will escape it as he already has his own issues. We got 7 hours of sleep in a row last night, but he spent it in the swing...YIKES! So if anyone has D batteries not being used, send them our way (just jokin) We do have intentions of training him to sleep in his bed, but who can complain about 7 hours!!!
By the way, notice Fisher's round face and double chin! He hasn't missed a single meal and is known to double up on meals too! The blemishes are from him clawing at himself in his crib. I cut his nails, but he still causes damage. He is desperately searching for his thumb...I hope he finds it soon!


Nature Girl said...

Oh-I am sorry you are sick. Get better soon! BTW-Fisher is a chub!! How funny!

Tricia said...

that looks like my kitchen counter! Thankfully our little guy has avoided the plague too. We'll be out of the woods as soon as Naomi's antibiotics kick in. Hopefully you'll all be healthy for playgroup next week!