Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The First Ride

The sun finally came out after weeks of clouds and rain and the kids stopped coughing for a few hours, so we decided to get out of the house and just drive. On a whim we borrowed a 5 year old snowboard set up(thank you Lindseys!)just in case we found ourselves in the snow. Sawyer has been bugging us to try snowboarding, so Monday was his day. We just happened to get good parking at Mt. Shasta and the weather was perfect! Fisher and I camped in a snow bank on the bunny hill, while Zach had the privalege of getting Sawyer to the top of the hill each time. This was our clever way of not paying for a ticket, which is a waste for most beginners. When we got up to the mountain,Zach and I were both drooling over the freshly groomed runs that had been accumalating awesome snow over the last month. But for some strange reason, we both were completely satisfied watching our little boy loving life that day. Of course, Sawyer's first day of snowboarding went way better than mine. Fisher did great in the snow all afternoon. Unfortunately, he couldn't really move in all of his snow clothes, but he sure was cute!

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