Sunday, January 31, 2010


Twelve is the number of years Zach and I have been hitched! Our history begins way before Saturday, January 31, 1998. I believe we first became aquainted in 8th grade homeroom as our last names were alphabetically close together. We both admit to no spark whatsoever, but who really wants to marry the person you sit by in jr. high homeroom. We really lived very separate lives in high school, but our paths crossed occasionally as my school friends were in the same youth group as Zach. I even recall going to Harold's(a red neck country place)with all of our friends, including Zach and of course my date. College is the place that our paths really crossed. It is kind of funny how any familiar face became a friend at NAU. For years, Zach and I had the same friends and did alot of things together, but never gave each other much thought. One day I went up to Snowbowl Ski resort with my parents and happened to run into Zach working with his Ski Wee kids. From that moment, something in me snapped, he was forever changed in my eyes. I believe I even told my roomate that day, Zach was a great catch for some girl. I was hoping that I would be the "some" girl oneday.

After a double date(we were setting up other friends, not ourselves), we both realized how much fun we had together. There was no wierdness, or funny jitters, it was just easy! That is probably my favorite description of our is just easy. Zach is easy to love, easy to be with, easy to forgive, easy to share with, easy to raise kids with, easy to play with, easy to travel with, easy to communicate with, and easy to serve God with. He makes my role as a mom and wife, easy! Of course there are bumps sometimes, but not too many. I love Zach! I love that in a few hours we are going to the local ski resort and celebrate our anniversary in the environment where I first fell for this guy. We have kind of traded in our skiis for snowboards, knowing that our boys will probably want to board someday. It is fun to be a beginner again and have a challenge! However, the challenge now is not to break anything and to not get tired before the day is over.

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