Tuesday, August 5, 2008

3 of them...1 of me

We had an ultrasound last week and everything with the baby is going well and on track. We decided to find out the sex this time. With Sawyer we waited, but this time we thought a surprise at 19 weeks would still be a surprise. Sawyer was convinced that we were growing a sister as most of his friends have sisters. That morning, the 3 of us bet..Zach and Sawyer guessed girl and I guessed boy. Mom is the winner! To me it seems silly either way. We are so blessed to have the oppurtunity to raise another child that we are thrilled no matter what.

I know it may seem like a bummer I may never have pretty, pink princessy stuff, but I love the idea of having a house full of boys. Sawyer says,"there is 3 of us and one of you, so you need lots of sugar(kisses)" Over the years when I imagined what our family might look like if we were to have another child, I envisioned little boys. So really, it all seems just right. Most of all I praise God for a wonderful pregnancy and for creating such precious life!

So now we just have to convince the big brother that Buzz lightyear will not be the official name!

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Joy said...

Congratulations on another boy! What a great blessing for Sawyer to have a brother. I always envisioned a house full of boys too - but was blessed with the opposite. You guys are the expert outdoors family which is perfect for a house full of boys. I wish we had a lot more of your expertise and adventurous nature.