Saturday, August 23, 2008

First Soccer Game

I think playing soccer has been more of a highlight than school starting! From the time he could talk, he has wanted to be on a team! He loved getting soccer shoes and special shinguards! I'm surprised he let me take them off the first day we bought them. The game was pretty exciting! He got tackled twice. One resulted in a bloody lip and the other one a dirty face. After that he wasn't too keen on kicking the ball. He just ran "super fast" all over the field the rest of the game. He gets to play with two of his friends and is enjoying meeting the others! After his first practice, he asked,"when does baseball start?" So I guess soccer is good, but baseball is his first love. I'm thinking we just need to get him on a track to run!

I'm all for sports as he is still taking his nap this afternoon....going on three hours!

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Breanna said...

Go Sawyer! Go Bandits! Can't wait to watch you in action!