Thursday, August 7, 2008

I have made an official decision that moms ( especially hormonal moms) should not be put in the position to pick and purchase children's portraits. I was completely decided to be tough and only buy 4 sheets of portraits . Well, the sneaky salesman put our pictures in these beautiful matted frames and said, "we just like to show you what we can do" I said, "CRAP" How am I supposed to just leave this beautiful masterpiece of my baby...So my emotions took over and out I walked with this huge wall hanging. I know it was not a wise financial decision right now, but did I mention the extra hormones? So until I get a grip, this will now be a father's job if he is willing to take it on!
(For my local friends in Redding...I was in Chico yesterday and went to Picture People. You receive your portraits 5 minutes after ordering..WARNING BE STRONG!)

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