Wednesday, December 16, 2009

building a house

Even with a kit from costco, building a house isn't as easy at it looks. At least for me, anyway! I love decorating with our friends, especially girls! We divided up fairly different tasks for each child and half the fun for us moms was watching how differently our kids approached it. Kacia, the oldest and very creative put almost every type of candy onto her side. Unfortunately, since I built the foundation, it wasn't quite sturdy enough for all her decorations. She outlined details in frosting, hung the wreath over the door, and made thoughtful designs. Rylin, when not consuming her decorations, had a blast putting whatever on the house she wanted with no real design in mind. She was just so happy to be sandwiched between the big kids and making conversation. She, notedly, was the last one at the table. She is so sweet and I think she wanted the experience to last all day! Sawyer, firstborn boy, had decorated with a precise pattern in mind, using only one kind of candy, and done in 5 minutes. Maybe next year, I'll let Sawyer do the main construction while I chatter on with the girls!

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