Thursday, December 10, 2009

Sawyer's month of bravery

the eye wound

Boy oh boy, what a doozy of a month for Sawyer! On one particular afternoon, we had our friends over to play. As Jenny and I finally had a minute of uninterrupted time to catch up with each other, we hear screaming from the bedroom. My first reaction was, "that is what he gets for running through the house!" When I go to look at what happened, blood is streaming from his face. I felt horrible as he was actually injured. After about 10 minutes, he was under control and agreed he still wanted to play with the girls. We decided it looked alright and definitely less of a wound compared to the hole he bit in his tongue the last time they were over. When they left, I decided to go to the store for some butterfly bandaids, but Holiday was out. I went next door to my new favorite pharmacy, as I was inquiring about different bandaids, the pharmacist came out and without hesitation told me he needed stitches. I was thinking, "REALLY?" This was not the worst thing I've seen this kid do. I went next door to the local clinic and the Dr. there agreed I needed to go to the emergency room. Again, I was thinking, "REALLY?" How did I miss this obvious need for medical attention. So in Sawyer's little world, he was thinking he was going to the store for more Transformer bandaids and ended up going to the hospital instead. Zach met us there and of course he knows right away it is a stitch worthy wound. It must be a boy thing. We were blessed to have the wound glued shut instead of stitches! Sawyer is amazing! He complained that the glue stung his eyes, but no more tears came from this boy since the initial encounter with the corner of his dresser!

If that wasn't enough for him, this was the month that he was to have his extra tooth removed. Our last few visits to the dentist, I had become aware of his "supernumerary tooth". I really wanted to ignore it, but unfortunately, I know too much about teeth and what could happen if it was left there to do its own thing. The morning of his surgery, he popped out of bed (almost like he was excited, but I'm sure it was nervous energy!) He didn't complain about not getting to eat or drink. He jumped right into the chair and obeyed everything the Dr. told him do. I got to stay with him till he fell asleep, which was really hard for me. I realize staying brave for him makes me a little crazy! When I got see him when it was over, he was so loopy! He cracked me up with his drugged out 5 year old comments. When we got home, he finally cried. I think he was just done being brave...i don't blame him. I was done being brave too! About an hour later, he got off the couch and played the rest of the day.

I am so thankful for his courage. We don't tell him he can't cry, but he likes to be tough. He makes my job so much easier! You Rock Sawyer!!!

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