Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fisher's First Birthday

I can't believe our little guy is one this week! What a year it has been! Fisher was feisty in the womb and not much different once he arrived. The first 4 months of his life was trial and error. He kept us on our toes, especially after 8:00 at night. His naps lasted 40 minutes only and most nights he slept in his swing or his car seat or on the couch with one of us. He broke all my rules I had for babies! Zach and I made a deal one night that we would just fix all of our mistakes later. Well, later came, and he just grew out of it. He is now a great napper and great nighttimer. He does great on a schedule and pretty good off of one. He actually is pretty flexible! He never took a pacifier in the early days, but a month ago, he found one in a toy basket and has been quite smitten with it ever since! Then there is the blanket. The sweet giraffe blanket that I had to have before he was born. The corners are crusty and stinky, but I guess that makes it perfect to him! He makes us laugh constantly and his expressions make you melt!

We are so blessed to have Fisher apart of our family and praise God for His special gift to us. At one year old, he already brings to us so much!

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