Wednesday, January 27, 2010


I'm not really sure when this new stage actually began! At Christmas time, we would find him standing on his own and walking around furniture. Then one day a few weeks ago, he started taking steps. He still has a cute little walk, a little bit of resemblance to a drunk. Sometimes I turn around and freak out that he is walking to me (he has mastered holding on to my leg for a very long time), but it still surprises me. I am sad that he is becoming more like a toddler and that shoes are no longer just a decoration. I'm not sure why being upright just makes him seem older. I do look forward to him chasing his brother in the yard, running after a ball, and walking beside me holding my hand. The first year of life is quite amazing! Not only is he learning to walk, but also busting out some teeth, and fighting a cold.

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