Thursday, March 11, 2010

"It's Gonna Be a Lucky Day"

For a week now, Sawyer has had a very loose tooth, #F(for my dental friends), Upper left central incisor. He was super excited to wiggle it at first and then he realized the last part might hurt, so all efforts came to a screeching halt. It drove me crazy as I wanted to get in there and yank! This morning after his shower, he bumped it with his towel and out it fell! Praise the Lord! He was so excited he could barely contain himself. I remember losing my first tooth and being ecstatic. It is kind of like getting a driver's license at 16. Losing a tooth at 5 is the same thing!

However, as happy as we are for him, I find myself a bit sad as mixed dentition (adult and baby teeth) is not the greatest stage kids go through. Baby teeth are cute and shiny white. Adult teeth are big, yellower and not straight. Our baby is growing up and his big gap in the front is just another sign!

Sawyer's words today, "it's gonna be a lucky day!" For him, definitely, for his poor kinder teacher that has to listen to him go on and on about it, not so much!

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