Thursday, March 25, 2010

my blogging buddy

Fisher is 15 months and keeping us on our toes! He has been climbing for a little while now, but now he is good at it! Nothing is safe anymore, no mountain is high enough! I dont get to blog too much anymore since I have a fellow participant. Right now I can do it because he is sitting in his carseat in the kitchen (buckled). I was repairing the strap and he got in it and decided to stay. We are thankful for times that he sits still. He gives the world's best cuddles, so we take them when they come. His bedtime gets earlier and earlier as I am completely beat.

I love the challenges of parenting right now. For one boy, we are really working on attitudes, immediate obedience, life is not fair, and being a little more independent. The other boy, we are just trying to keep alive and out of the ER.

I just put him down for a nap, so the countdown has started to complete as many things as I can! Farewell for now!

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