Monday, June 30, 2008

hanging out

We are enjoying our summer just "hanging out"! I thought I would share another sawyer quote so I don't forget

what is going on in his 4 year old brain. We were talking about the 4 seasons, since we have obviously switched over to summer. I had him repeat summer, fall, winter, and spring. After a minute went by, he said, "mom, there is also wabbit season!" I had to laugh and agree in some parts of the country wabbit season is probably a valid answer. The background of his wabbit knowledge comes from the bugs bunny cartoon on Zach's iphone that sawyer enjoys often.

I cherish most days with him, but since his 4th birthday, it is almost like he grew up a little overnight. He engages in more conversation and is putting pieces of information together like crazy. he told me one morning that he saw the heavens in his eyes. This is the know when you rub your eyes when you're tired and you can see different lights. He thought it looked like the moon and the stars which is the heavens in his mind! I absolutely love it! Now when I rub my eyes, I look forward to seeing the heavens too!

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