Thursday, June 12, 2008

"To Infinity and Beyond"

Yeah! Sawyer is officially 4 and hopefully I don't have to hear him ask when his birthday is going to be for at least a few days. We started the morning early...5:30(not our choice) He opened some presents and then we met Zach at IHOP for breakfast...chocolate, chocolate chip pancake with a side of fruit of course. Then we ran birthday errands, had a birthday nap, made the birthday cake and then went to the park for the birthday party.

Sawyer was especially excited and somewhat hiper. I guess I understand it is the biggest day of your life and the chocolate pancake probably didn't help either! He has had a great morning playing with all his new things, he really does love everything, from his new books, fruit snacks to his skateboard and new buzz lightyear costume. Yesterday was a present frenzy, so today he is asking me who got him what.
We praise God for our amazing little guy! He truly lights up our day. He is full of kindness and energy. He loves his friends and family and talks about them all the time. He says funny things and does funnier things. As I sit here writing I'm being shot in the head with his nerf ball gun. Who got him that? Oh yeah, me

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Breanna said...

4- wow! Happy Birthday Sawyer, from your friends, Michael, Allie and Alex( pete and breanna too!)