Friday, June 20, 2008

Out of the Amazon

We are out of the amazon tonight! Sawyer and I attended Vacation Bible School this week and we both had a great time. He was in the red toucan class and I helped teach crafts. The curriculum and music was amazing. We learned about the 7C's of history..Creation, Corruption,Catastrophe,Confusion, Christ. The kids learned about creation and sin and the flood and most of all, our precious redeemer. They learned fun music. Sawyer's favorite was called, "I got DNA, I'm fearfully and wonderfully made!" It is pretty catchy.
I was most touched by watching one of our teachers share the gospel with some 5th grade boys. They were asking great questions and trying to figure out who Jesus is and that he is God. I'm not sure if this was the first time they heard the gospel, but it was an amazing blessing to see them eating it up and wanting to know more.
When you have been a church goer like myself for so many years, you can easily forget the main purpose behind programs and events. We tend to look at the numbers or the originality of the event and be stressed by the amount of time and effort it takes, but God uses all these experiences to reach those that don't know Him. I am convicted by my oversight in all this. I even complained about having to spend too much of my time helping. May this be a lesson to me for the future.
These boys are in my prayers and hope that one day they will be asked when they first heard about Jesus and they will get to say..I went to VBS when I was in 5th grade and a teacher loved me enough to share God's truth with me.

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