Wednesday, June 11, 2008

"Look How Big I Am"

I will put pictures up later, but I wanted to write 2 things before I forget. Sawyer is 4 years old today and has been making us laugh with some of the things he comes up with. If anyone has talked to him lately, you will know "how big he is". He tells us regularly how his legs have grown and who he is bigger than. I guess this is important! Maybe as important as his "new super powers" that he has discovered recently. Last night we were playing a rhyming game in the car. One of us picks a word and the other person has to find a rhyming word. On zach's turn he said, what rhymes with far. sawyer quickly says, "ted" We looked at each other in confusion and realized he was completing the word,"farted". Too funny!

Earlier this week, he asked me how God got his hand in my mouth to get the baby in my tummy. I can follow this thought process as he still thinks I ate the baby.

I can't believe he is 4 today. We have a full day planned and will write later!

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