Monday, June 16, 2008

More Excitement

On Sunday, Zach's mom and Bruce joined us in Mt. Shasta and we decided to explore another lake..Castle lake. It was so beautiful and still had snow on the surrounding mountains. Zach was about to use his new fishing pole for the first time when the excitement started. Sawyer was about to fall into the lake and in my efforts to rescue him, I slipped on a rock and pulled most of my big toenail off. YOUCH! Yes I did cry! I was not that tough! We finally decided to find a walk in clinic in mt. Shasta which ended up to be the ER. How ridiculous is that? the Dr. decided to remove it since it was mostly removed on its own. 5 shots of anesthetic and off it came. So I begin the counting of time in which it will grow back!

So after the ordeal we grabbed lunch and some ice cream! I'll have to give Zach a makeup father's day!


grams said...

Now I don't know whether or not you got my first comments--had to "sign in." Anyway, loved the photos and the birthday looked pretty darn cute in the Buzz suit! We can't wait to see you. Sawyer will have to teach his cousins how to fish. That should be pretty impressive. We definitely would like to take a "family raft trip" one day. They have some that allow small children and we think that would be a neat experience. Check out Taylor River trips and see what you think. Great job on the blog. Enjoyed the dialogue and photos--except for the toe--yuck--so painful.

Matt & Lindsey said...

Hey Megan!

This is Lindsey (formerly Buchanan) from Chaparral! I just had to say hi! I found your blog through Kami's and Amy's blogs! It's great to see that you are all doing well and that you have a precious son! I'm so sorry about your toe! I hurt mine very badly and it fell of on its own, so I somewhat feel your pain. You know you are a blogger when you take pictures of such events! Ha! Matt and I are still madly in love and just celebrated 9 years of wedded bliss in March. We have 4 precious sons that we adopted through the foster care system here in AZ. You can see our boys on our or see our blog at

It's great to see your smiling face and your beautiful family!
Take care!
Lindsey Kendall

Breanna said...

Do you remember when this happened to me a few years ago? -mainly due to my idea to try acrylics on my toes....Yikes- I can feel your pain, (and I don't think anything came close to that pain) I remember it well. I'm sorry I hadn't read your blog in a while to know. Hope it feels better soon!